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Strutting into the weekend with my squad like... And don’t forget to check out our weekend classes including: SATURDAY: • Fighter-Fit (9-10am) • kickboxing (10-11am and 11-12pm) • OJBJJ (Gi, 10-11am, 40+ only) • Boxing and Kickboxing sparring (12-1pm) • BJJ (No Gi, 12-1pm) SUNDAY: Mongolian Wrestling/shuai jiao (12-1pm - haven’t heard of it? think organized self defense) & women’s only gym and women’s only kickboxing/boxing (5-6.30/7pm)!

Thirsty Thursday? Sure - Who isn’t thirsty after a great Redline workout! Forgot your water bottle? check out our behind the desk selection!

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Check out Friday 5pm Kettlebell HIIT class for an INTENSE and ENJOYABLE workout! In fact, I’m still sore from last week win Coach Chris!

Check out today's REDLINE SPECIALIZED HIIT class with Coach Chris at 5pm! Don't forget: first trial class is free and we offer a-m-a-z-i-n-g intro deals to first time members!