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Shameless Don Shainis

A little over a week until my fight... I'm ready.. are you? Get your tickets before I run out!! Text me to get them in person at 508-685-7226 OR order online by going to @ticketmaster and don't forget to use my offer code: "SHAINIS" #shamelessnation Photographer: Cole Harper @graphicole #mma #bellator #fight #fightlife #fitness #smoke #gym #sweat #shameless

A little over a week until Don Shainis's fight....Are you Ready? Get your tickets before they run out!! Text 508-685-7226 OR order online by going to @ticketmaster and don't forget to use the special offer code: "SHAINIS" #shamelessnation Photographer: Cole Harper


Please support these amazing ladies, their hard work and dedication rivals pro fighters. I feel lucky to help them train for Haymakers For Hope, please support them and help K.O cancer. http://www.haymakersforhope.org/profiles/katie-barry https://www.haymakersforhope.org/profiles/marissa-polichene https://www.haymakersforhope.org/profiles/samantha-ory

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