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Harder, Better, Faster, Safer: Training at Redline Fight Sports


A boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts gym that describes itself as “high-octane” could seem scary to a newcomer—especially when you realize that entering the gym means descending a flight of stairs to an underground training space. But Redline Fight Sports isn’t intimidating at all. In...

We've said it before and now we're happy that other people are saying it too: Redline is a Safe, Diverse and Inclusive Gym where everyone is welcome! Check out our recent feature in Scout Cambridge: http://scoutcambridge.com/redline-fight-sports/

Come check us out to discover more! Open tomorrow - classes from 7am on! From Scout Cambridge! ・・・ Central Square’s @redline_fightsports is one of two MA gyms listed on safetotrain.com, a resource of inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly martial arts and strength training gyms across the US. Whether you want to fight, learn self defense or just get in shape, their trainers are here for you. More in our Jan/Feb issue and scoutcambridge.com! (📸: @adriannelacy) #CambMA #fitness #boxing #boxinggloves #training