Benefit of Kickboxing

  • Learn to mix leg and fist strikes
  • Learn proper striking form
  • Improve cardiovascular endurance
  • Improve fitness level
  • Train with members of the Redline Fight Team
  • Join the Redline Kickboxing Competition Team


Kickboxing is a full body contact sport that utilizes fist and leg strikes. Here at Redline Fight Sports we have a diverse selection of kickboxing styles from all over the world.

Dutch Kickboxing

The dutch style kickboxing relies heavily on punching combinations finished by heavy low kicks.

San Shou

Redline was originally founded as a San Shou gym, the martial art originates from China. One of the most important differences that separates San Shou from other kickboxing styles is that in San Shou, throws and take downs are permitted.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai originates from Thailand, a well known and a respected martial art. It has been referred to as the "art of 8 limbs" utilizing the use of fists, elbows, knees and shins.


Kickboxing for Beginner students

Level I (L1) Classes are open to entry level and intermediate students, Classes consist of partner work, conditioning and skill training.


Kickboxing for Intermediate and Advanced students

Level II (L2) Classes are open to intermediate and advanced students. Classes consist of interactive sparring, conditioning and skill training.


Kickboxing for Competition

Level III (L3) classes are for advance and intermediate students who have been approved by a coach to Spar.


Meet our Kickboxing Team